I am a mature student currently studying a (CAM) Communication, Advertising and Marketing undergraduate degree. I wanted to make a blog to increase my writing skills, content creation and build upon my degree subject matter.

In my blog, I will discuss everything from current affairs, movies, television shows, food, animals, my experience as a mature student, the current world situation and whatever else I feel like writing about. Although I will focus at times on topics relating to my degree, this blog’s general narrative will be a bit of this and that.

So, who am I?

Well, I am 26 years old, and up until three years ago, I worked full time in the social care sector. I decided to return to education to pursue a career that I had a passion and drive for. I recognised a blog would be beneficial and relatable to my degree and future aspirations, so here I am!

One of the main pillars of this blog will be my experience as a mature student. I left education after my GCSE’s and worked full-time for seven years. I returned in 2018 to complete an access course with a view of leaving behind dead-end jobs and investing in myself and my future.

My primary aspiration for this blog and the content will be to share my experience of returning to education as a mature student. Throughout I will discuss my remote learning experience in the middle of a pandemic; how I feel this could be improved upon and how I have managed so far.

I welcome feedback on my blog posts and any tips, or advice for someone starting out new on this is much appreciated.

Stay safe, everyone!